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Customer Experience

Understanding how customers use assistive content and strategy for a cognitive self-help platform


A leading global financial services provider


November 2016 - January 2017

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  • Customer Experience Analysis

  • Digital CX Strategy

The Brief

Our client is an international provider of long-term investment solutions and is part of a wider group of businesses providing cross-border investment solutions, asset management, discretionary management and financial advice.

As part of a larger organisational initiative, to meet the customer promise and recognise the moments that matter, Rika was comissioned to undertake a research project to better understand how customers interact with this global financial organisation and particularly, how they find and use assistive content online.

Objectives and KPIs

  • Uncover signs of customer struggle and opportunity for self service across online platforms.
  • Understand the factors that influence customers’ propensity to contact the customer service teams.
  • Improve the self-service and help areas [online] to provide a better outcome for the customer.
  • Understand factors that could decrease the number of calls in relation to 'hygiene' issues.
  • Deliver the customer promise to understand their context and the moments that matter.

Research questions

The research was designed to answer the following questions:

  • What type of help (information) do customers commonly require?
  • Do customers experience issues when searching for assistive content?
  • How relevant, clear and easy to find is the online Help, FAQs and ‘How to’ guides.
  • Does the content provide customers with the information they require?
  • What content and format would enable customers to have a successful outcome/issue resolution.
To answer the posed research questions, Rika undertook a number of activities, such as establishing the availability of applicable data; review of web and CX analytics; user journey analysis; review of customer contact centre data; qualititve customer feedback. All gathered data was analysed and compared to uncover common themes and issues and ultimately understand whether common customer queries are being effectively addressed and satisfied.

Customer Insight & Action

The Result

The research revealed that, despite a significant body of assistive content available to customers, it was unnecessarily difficult for them to discover. Coupled with the poor user experience of the online platform these issues manifested as online customer struggls, which often resulted in increased contact centre interactions.

To address the above, Rika proposed a set of immediately actionable improvements and longer-term strategic recommendations, namely:

  • content consolidation; incorporating information relevant to the customer's context and moment of interaction;
  • technology; adoption of emerging cognitive technologies to better understand customer intent and automate low complexity tasks, leaving the customer service team to deal with the more complex enquiries.

The report produced by Rika was instrumental in building a business case and establishing a programme of change within the organisation, focusing on customer needs and their ability to self-help. The outcomes of our work resulted in a significant reduction of calls and enquiries to the contact centre.

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