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A different kind of business

As an organisation we occupy the space between consultancy and digital agency; we are as focused and strategic as a traditional management consultancy driven by customer understanding, yet creative with the desire to execute and work closely with the client. Fundamentally, RIKA is a new business type not hampered by legacy process, procedure, practice and mindset.

Ethos & culture with people at its heart

The path to success is defined and shaped by the people leading the effort. Our philosophy is based on the principles of open collaboration and the freedom to express. We are a global partnership collective with deep industry experience and we trust each other to do an exceptional work.
To enable this, we have adopted a management approach that values individual talent and encourages collaboration. Our guiding principles stem from the Teal philosophy and is comprised of three key practices - self management, wholeness and agility.



We ensure operational efficiency by encouraging peer relationships. People have high levels of autonomy in their domain, and are accountable for coordinating with others. Power and control are deeply embedded throughout the organisation, not tied to a few top leaders.

Whereas traditional organisations encourage people to show only their narrow “professional” selves, we invite people to reclaim their inner wholeness. We create an environment where people feel free to fully express themselves, bringing energy, passion, and creativity to work.





Our business strategies are based on what we believe the world is asking from us. We adopt Agile practices that allow us to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

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