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10 questions uncovering the future of marketing as posed by the Adobe Marketing Summit

Adobe Marketing Summit took place across the 11th and 12th May in London and focused on the key marketing trends which this year was all about bringing content and data together and becoming an 'experience' business.

Team RIKA joined the #SummitChat on Twitter during the two-day event, where we had the opportunity to hear from some of the great minds in marketing and express our own opinion (in less than 160 characters) on some of the hottest topics in digital.

Q1 What are the key skills for the marketer of the future?
@RIKADigital: An inherent understanding of data and its application, and greater influence across the business as marketing drives tech.

Q2 How will personalisation change the marketing impact?
@RIKADigital: Personalisation is just 1 endpoint of the bigger opportunity of achieving a 1-1 relationship with your customers

Q3 What are the key pitfalls marketers need to avoid moving forward?
@RIKADigital: Privacy | Data Security | Abuse of personal data | Trust | Assuming correlation is causation when interpreting analytics

Q4 With pressure on marketers to deliver quality content at scale, what are your tips?
@RIKADigital: Avoid 'content for the sake of it' syndrome & make sure you really understand the channel and the audience #relevance is key

Q5 Is the future of #marketing artificial intelligence or human?
@RIKADigital: Has to be both. AI can provide scale but the human provides connection to the audience. Inherently humans want to connect.

Q6 What will be different about a customer's experience of #marketing in 5 years?
@RIKADigital: If done well, it will feel more embedded into your life, be more imperceptible and much more sensitive to your context.

Q7 What's going to be the next biggest marketing channel? We've had email, websites etc.
@RIKADigital: VR or more likely MR (Mixed Reality) - blurring the lines of physical and digital #immersion

Q8 Which device will rule the way we consume content next?
@RIKADigital: The intersection of biology and technology. MR devices first, then biotech.

Q9 What do you think about brands partnering with social media personalities?
@RIKADigital: Influencers are an important part of any marketing strategy and SM personalities have immense reach - but authenticity is key.

Q10 What's the key to great video #marketing?
@RIKADigital: Emotional authenticity, Enabling & empowering content, Context awareness. @AdobeSummit

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