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A Reflection on Retail Business Technology Expo - Part Two

The Rika team headed to London’s Olympia for the retail business technology expo (#rbte2016) across 9-10th March to see first-hand how the retail sector is embracing digital technology. In part one we have covered the first day of the event with insights from some of the big retail brands such as Sainsbury's and Boots.

Elements of a Marketer - Skills for the digital world

A large number of companies today admit that they lack major digital skills to successfully execute their strategies. Many executive teams are focused on digital transformation and customer experience initiatives but often forget the “people” element of these changes.

Highlights from IBM CMO Day

It's a fascinating and challenging time to be a marketer. In the age of 'buyer led' experiences - marketers are challenged to create intelligent, personalised interactions that traverse all channels.

Orchestrate marketing success throughout the customer journey

Today’s marketers often find themselves listening to a cacophony of customer chatter coming from a multitude of media channels. Responding to this insight effectively is a challenge, yet brands need to engage prospects where they stand or risk losing them along the buying journey.

Technology for marketing expo

Across 28/29th September the RIKA team were at London's Olympia for the joint Technology for Marketing (TfM) and eCommerce Expo 2016 events. We wanted to get a reading on the main objectives of the modern marketer for the coming 12-24 months. We also wanted to spend time talking to the myriad technology vendors to see how they were responding to these objectives.

The Marketing Expo

Rika is excited to announce its attendance at the UK’s most exciting platform for the services, tools, solutions and groundbreaking insights transforming Marketing today.

The Summer Digital Summit

This July saw our first-ever Summer Summit - an event hosted by our partners Etch, featuring talks from digital industry professionals. More than 60 people joined us for the day, including attendees from Google, IBM, Progress, Carnival UK, Old Mutual Wealth and many more.

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