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Align initiatives and develop a common vision of success


Being strategy-led enables you organisation to make better and faster decisions, encourages cross-functional collaboration and develops a culture that can implement new ideas fast. We've developed a modular approach that draws on the outcomes of our Insight process, allowing us to collaboratively build a winning strategy for your business that's #fitforthedigitalera.

How it works

Assess your organisation's objectives against its capabilities, skill-sets and technology stack, highlighting any barriers and gaps between your aspirations and their actualisation.
Understand your audience through research and data acquisition, analysis, segmentation and persona development. Get to know who they are, where they are and how they behave and respond.
Decide how you want your audience to experience your brand across touchpoints (interactions, voice, vision & proposition) and create a plan for delivering the desired results.


Our Strategy team helps you build a vision of where value, or technology, is likely to shift in the near future; a reasonable hypotheses of where disruption will happen.

Together we develop a plan of action to expoloit the opportunities for your business and counter the threats against it.

Asking the right questions

Businesses of all sizes and sectors desperately seek experts who know how to devise integrated strategies for the digital era. Moreover, companies not only need answers, but need help in asking the right questions. Discover how Rika answers these challenges by delivering deep insight, strategy and customer experience excellence with our team of highly experienced digital professionals.


Align initiatives and develop a common vision of success.