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Break silos, generate ideas & see the road ahead


Real impact starts with insights that help you make better decisions. We undertake quantitative and qualitative research and run immersive, sometimes disruptive, workshops that provide genuine objectivity. Together we develop a deep understanding of your audience, business challenges and opportunities for growth.

How it works

Comprehensive and objective analysis of your capabilities, consumers & competitors, supplemented by sector-specific insight.
Hands-on exploratory sessions designed to generate active communication and uncover core challenges and opportunities.
Discovery session findings are shaped into a roadmap, delivering high-level strategic and tactical considerations and recommendations.


Our Insight workshops uncover the imperatives and build the business case for effective change, ensuring collaboration is at the heart of any new initiatives.

For some, this process points to the need for transformative change, whilst for others incremental improvements coupled with speed and agility are recommended.

Whatever the case, our Insights process highlights the challenges and provides a structured way forward.

Asking the right questions

Businesses of all sizes and sectors desperately seek experts who know how to devise integrated strategies for the digital era. Moreover, companies not only need answers, but need help in asking the right questions. Discover how Rika answers these challenges by delivering deep insight, strategy and customer experience excellence with our team of highly experienced digital professionals.


Break silos, generate ideas and see the road ahead.