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Analyse, understand and optimise customer interactions

Customer Experience

It's critical to understand your audience on their path to becoming your customer. Who are they? Where are they? What device they are using? What is their likely mindset and intent? In any given moment.

We'll help you see and understand your audience's behaviours. so you can react quickly, closing the gap between customer expectations and their actual experience of your brand.

How it works

Gather and analyse interaction data across digital and physical channels to find, understand, win, grow, nurture and retain your audience.
Design and implement effective and efficient customer experiences tailored to your audience segments and consistent across platforms and touchpoints.
Deliver timely and tailored content, products and services to each and every customer wherever and however they are interacting with your brand.


Gain an in-depth understanding of your target audience's behaviours, highlighting any struggles they encounter when interacting with your brand, across channels.

This understanding allows you to design and implement personalised, context-aware and consistently-excellent customer experiences, delivering brand loyalty, improving conversion rates and narrowing the gap between your customer's expectations their and real-word experiences of your brand.

Asking the right questions

Businesses of all sizes and sectors desperately seek experts who know how to devise integrated strategies for the digital era. Moreover, companies not only need answers, but need help in asking the right questions. Discover how Rika answers these challenges by delivering deep insight, strategy and customer experience excellence with our team of highly experienced digital professionals.


Analyse, understand and optimise customer interactions.