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Highlights from IBM CMO Day

It's a fascinating and challenging time to be a marketer. In the age of 'buyer led' experiences - marketers are challenged to create intelligent, personalised interactions that traverse all channels.

RIKA Digital were invited to join industry leaders and marketing peers to hear about how Cognitive Computing is changing the World of Marketing. It was a great afternoon of discovery and debate so we've decided to make a selection of the presentations and videos of the sessions available on this blog, to serve as an inspiration.

Explore the presentations that inspired us

What does it take to be Extraordinary?

Alison Clarke

The Power of Knowing

Jeff Ramminger

The Power of Meaningful Touchpoints

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek

Your Journey into Cognitive Marketing

Lisa Gilbert

If you found the above interesting, why not share your opinion on how cognitive technology will reinvent your industry.

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