Rika's attendance at the 2018 edition of the Marketing Expo in London was marked by a provocative panel discussion and an over-arching theme of 'Marketing Madness'. 

We ventured on an exploration of the issues affecting today’s marketing professionals inspired by conversations with clients and fellow marketers, where the challenges of their role left them in need of some reflection. During the course of the two days, we discussed, debated and diagnosed some of the issues that lead to unwarranted doubts about the value and efficacy of the Marketing unit within organisations.

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The Marketing Expo

Rika is excited to announce its attendance at the UK’s most exciting platform for the services, tools, solutions and groundbreaking insights transforming Marketing today.

This interactive conference will provide marketing professionals with the knowledge, inspiration and practical assistance they need to propel themselves and their companies to the next level of marketing maturity.

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The ability to truly understand the individual behaviours exhibited by customers and to provide content, product choices and experiences based on that individualism is now a critical attribute of digitally-mature, successful and enduring brands. 

In this article we will take a look at the reality behind the buzzwords and explore how to achieve one-to-one conversations with your customers through data-driven context-awareness and personalisation. 

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