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It's complex out there.

Cutting the long story short

Making informed decisions has never been more difficult - or more important. Let us be your filter, removing the noise and leaving you with the most relevant and game-changing thinking as the loudest signal ~

Who we are

Voted the UK's best agency for Strategy and Strategic thinking, Rika operates at the intersect of creativity, marketing and technology.
About Rika


Combining a strategy-led approach with business insight and a deep understanding of technology, we help organisations maximise their investment in digital and improve the customer experience.
Our Expertise

Evidencing Success

We are a team of digital experts with global experience, having worked with some of the world's most respected Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Hospitality, Public Sector, Retail and Healthcare companies.
Our Work

A partner you can trust.

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Rika consultants possess a rare combination of knowledge about the latest trends in Customer Experience, the technical ability to execute on them, and the experience to do so effectively.

– Ivailo Ivanov, Senior Product Manager at Leanplum